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SCOUT FILMS is a video production company servicing Dallas, Texas. 

We do many things, but most of all we like to tell stories - your stories.

These stories are can be big, small, funny or factual - for your website, social media, TV or cinema.

No matter their scale or format, they all have purpose-driven communication at their core, helping your business connect to your customer in a meaningful way. 

Film Production

What We Do

Our work can essentially be broken down into two categories; TV commercials and live-action branded content.

Commercials are short format films (under 90 sec) designed to air on TV or online.

Branded content can be any length, any format and any style, as long as it works to serve your brand. Common formats are corporate videos, testimonials, product-focussed short films, hype-reels, legacy films and behind-the-scenes featurettes. 

Branded Content



Say Hello

We love to help ideas become reality. 

Whether you have a clear vision of what you are after, or are alternatively looking for ideas in how to help your marketing drive take shape, drop us an email and tell us a little about your brand, budget and timeline and we will be back in contact shortly.

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