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The Process


Our first job is to listen. We want to know everything possible about your brand; its history, it's goals, what makes it unique and what you want to achieve.

Then begins the collaboration, as we share ideas and references, refining an approach we both agree will be best for your brand.


This is where we really get to work. Creatively, we work to button down the specifics of what you can expect, drawing up scripts or even creating storyboards depending on the size of the job. 

In the background, production starts working out logistics, locking in crew, equipment, locations and cast etc


The big day! After a thorough prep period, this is the stage that all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. This is an exciting part of the process where you get to sit back and see your vision begin to come to life.


With lots of great footage to work with, our editor gets to work making selects and cutting together an engaging, effective film.

A work in progress edit will be shared giving you the opportunity to offer feedback.

If there is any graphics, music or animation in your film, it will all be created and added here.


Your film is finished and it is time to share it with the world!

This could be on one or a range of mediums - (TV/online/Instagram) with Scout able to offer you the right specs for each platform.

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