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Branded Content

Ronald McDonald House
'Big Hug'

Over the course of four days, we captured what daily life was like in a Ronald McDonald House. The role of this film was to remind the viewer that every Big Mac brought on McHappy Day equated to a 'Big Hug' that these parents were able to provide their sick children by living with them throughout their treatment.

'Greatness Is Within'

Everlast tasked us with portraying the gritty reality of training as a boxer. Having sourced a non-actor at the local YMCA boxing gym, we followed his intense training regime for 3 days to do just that.

This results of this film production was used both internally and at trade shows.

UNICEF - 5 Fund

In countries that UNICEF operates, 5 cents is able to provide someone with clean drinking water for two days. With this insight, UNICEF tasked us with creating a branded content film showing what else could be accomplished with an even higher donation. Played on QANTAS planes with additional collection bins at the airport, this film acted as a call-to-action for passengers to donate their loose change at the end of the flight.

'Behind the Scenes'

Woolworths, one of Australia's biggest supermarkets, decided to change their jingle after 15 years. This behind-the-scenes film captured the live recording of their new song, with testimonies from the marketing manager of the brand as well as their agency, Droga5.

'The Wettest Town Showdown'

How do you solve the debate over which town has the highest rainfall in the country? Send a 'weather expert' evidence using the new water-proof Samsung phone of course!

Shot over the course of 4 days, this branded content film straddled the line between advertising and documentary as we inserted the product in a genuine rivalry between two tropical towns in Australia, and used the locals as talent.

Atlantium 'The Smallest Country in Australia'

What would you do if you were the ruler of your own country? Just ask Emperor George Cruikshank, ruler of Atlantium, a micronation 4 hours south of Sydney, Australia. 

Atlantium tests the boundaries of what constitutes an official country with its own government, currency, stamps and over 3,000 citizens.

Picked up by National Geographic channel, this film has been viewed over 400k times.

'Coke vs Coke Zero'

Coca-Cola had a problem - they wanted to increase the consumption of Coke-Zero amongst their teenage customers but faced preconceptions that it wouldn't taste as good as 'The Real Thing.' 

Together we set up a live stunt where a cinema full of Millennials were given a Coke-Zero (hidden inside an original Coke cup) and invited to a free movie screening. Once inside, they viewed our faux 'movie trailer,' filmed a week earlier and starring the person that just served them at the candy bar, letting them in on the stunt.

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